North American Hirudin Biotech Products Inc.


Strategically located in the greater Seattle area and in the Vancouver-Seattle Corridor where high tech and biotech businesses flourish, North American Hirudin Biotech Products Inc. (NAHBP) is a research-based health supplement product manufacturer and marketer that has dedicated all its resources to the research and development of hirudin-based health supplement products. Our core product, Hirudin-an ordinary looking tablet is scientifically formulated to purify and cleanse your blood system which will in turn offer you better health and a healthier life style.

Ever since its inception NAHBP Inc. has had a strong internaitonal orientation. Today we have sales and marketing operations in the US, Canada , China, Singapore and Malaysia . Our heavily decorated team of researchers and scientists come from the diverse fields of medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biology and chemistry. These scientists were already well-established as the leading scholars in their respective fields and in a diverse group of well-known institutions such as University of California, Berkely, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Washington, Beijing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guangxi Provincial academy of Sciences. Our research on the medicinal leeches and the extraction of hirudin from the naturally grown leeches continues to lead the scientific community.

Backed by a strong research team our company is also in the fore front of bridging scientific knowledge and improving our quality of life. NAHBP Inc. pioneered formulating a health supplement product by utilizing our repeated extraction technology therefore making it possible to make a hirudin-based health supplement product on a commercial scale.
As of today we remain the only company and the market leader that manufactures this powerful and effective blood cleansing product.

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