Hirudin-The How

Hirudin : How Does the Hirudin Tablet Detox Our Body?

Hirudin: An Ancient Ingredient Begins Life in Pure Mother Nature

The story of Hirudin began with the little creature that had long been known to have

intrinsic medicinal value to human kind. Normally found in the slow moving shallow waters

in Europe and Asia Medicinal Hirudius (hereto referred to as MH) is listed as an

endangered species in the Appendix II of the CITES Treaty of 1973 (Convention on

International Trade in Endangered Species). Located in the southern part of Guangxi

Province our MH breeding ground is situated in ideal climatic, ecological and terrestrial

conditions. Subtropical and temperate climate endows the area with abundant rainfall and

ample sunshine. The mountains surrounding the basin not only isolates the base from the

surrounding communities ( only three farm families live in the vicinity) and economic

activities but also provides an inexhaustible source for natural streams and spring water.

The soil of the rice paddies and water in the area have been extensively tested for any

harmful heavy metal content (Hg, Cd, As, Pb, Cu, Cr, Zn, Ni), presence of BHC and DDT.

The water and soil in the area is designated as Pure and Zero Contamination

(contamination index P

Environmental Standards for Safe and Natural Fishery and Agriculture.

Our MH breeding base is a collaborative project between our research lab and

relevant government agencies. The Keyken MH Breeding Base has been designated by the

central government as a model project in the National Star Light Science Plan and a

showcase in National Scientific Innovation Fund and National Industry Technological

Transformation and National Agricultural Scientific Achievements . Boasting 55 acres of

natural breeding ground the Keyken Breeding Base is also the largest MH seeding base in

the world. In summary the Medicinal Hirudius we use have grown at least 4 years in a

protected wild and natural habitat and they have satisfied the most strict national safety

standards for food and medicinal products.

How Does Hirudin Purify Your Blood

The magic powers of our hirudin tablet comes from the intrinsic molecular

properties of Hirudin extracted from the secretion of the Medicinal Hirudius. Extracted in the

salivary glands of the Medicinal Hirudius as the biological active material, hirudin at full

length is a made up of 65 amino acids. These amino acids are organised into a compact N terminal

domain containing three disulfide bonds and a C-terminal domain which is

completely disordered, when the protein is un-complexed in solution. Natural hirudin

contains a mixture of various isoforms of the protein.
A key event in the final stages of blood coagulation is the conversion of
fibrinogen intofibrin by the serine protease enzyme thrombin. Thrombin is
produced from prothrombin by the action of an enzyme, prothrombinase,
in the final states of coagulation. Fibrin is then cross linked by factor XIII
to form a blood clot. The principal inhibitor of thrombin in normal blood circulation
is antithrombin III. Similar to antithrombin III, the anticoagulatant activity

of hirudin is based on its ability to inhibit the pro-coagulant activity of thrombin. Hirudin is

the most potent natural inhibitor of thrombin. Unlike antithrombin III hirudin binds to and

inhibits only the activity of thrombin forms with a specific activity on fibrinogen. Therefore,

hirudin prevents or dissolves the formation of clots and thrombi (i.e. it has a thrombolytic

activity), and has therapeutic value in blood coagulation disorders, in the treatment of skin

hematomas and of superficial varicose veins, either as an injectable or a topical application

cream. In some aspects, hirudin has advantages over more commonly used anticoagulants

and thrombolytics, such as heparin, as it does not interfere with the biological activity of

other serum proteins and can also act on complexed thrombin.

Electrophoretic analysis of destabilase preparation demonstrates the presence of protein

combinations with MW 12.3, 25 and 50 kD. Fraction (MW 12.3 D) is a monomer of

destabilase aggregation having properties of micellar proteins and represents a stable lipidprotein

complex, where the role of lipid component is played by the stable analogue of

prostacyclin (MW 391 D).

The synthesis of a low molecular fraction of destabilase is fulfilled with bacteria – symbiont

of leeches Aeromonas hydrophila. When the destabilase (MW 12.3 kD) contacts with blood a

process of complexe formation is triggered with hirudin and blood plasma kallikrein inhibitor,

forming a stable ‘destabilase complex’ (DC; MW 25 kD), possessing also a high aggregation

capacity. Polymer forms of the destabilase complex form a liposome changing its spatial

orientation depending on the nature of the solvent. Such structural organization provides a

high stability of DC components and a rapid penetration through cellular membranes

(transmembrane transfer) and it also provides prophylactic antithrombotic action in the case

of peroral application to animals, due to the blockade of vascular platelets (inhibition of

platelet aggregation by prostacyclin analogue) and plasmic (inhibition of thrombin activity

and blood plasma kallikrein) links of the hemostasis process. Destabilase fraction with MW

50 kD is a dimer of the destabilase complex. As a result of DC destruction (liposome),

hirudin, prostacycline analogue and blood plasma kallikrein inhibitor are released.

Exclusive Patented Extraction Technology : Green and Humane

While the medicinal value of Hirudin has long been recognized by scientists around

the world its medical application has been very limited largely due to the lack of

commercially available hirudin. What Hirudin powder is available is mostly produced by

crushing and grinding the whole body of the Medicinal Hirudius as a result of which the

purity level of the Hirudin is very low and the effectiveness of hirudin is severely reduced.

Our patented technology allows our scientists to produce a highly pure (99%) hirudin extract

in a commercially viable quantity. The most notable features of our extraction procedures

are nothing short of revolutionary in advancing the research on the use of Hirudin:

Repeated Extraction: Our scientists can extract the Hirudin substance from the same

MH multiple times and in a repeatable fashion.

Extraction from a Live Medicinal Hirudius: The little creature is gathered from the

field and brought into a sealed lab environment. They are stimulated via our patented food

grade liquid solution to generate saliva which is collected, purified and processed into

frozen powder which is then installed in sealed containers in a thermostatically controlled lab

environment. The MH creatures are then released back into the wild for future use.

While this scientific breakthrough makes it possible for us to produce a highly pure hirudin

in a powder form , it also allows us to have a renewable resource for hirudin production. It is

also both human and environmentally green in contrast to the traditional applications and


Made in USA : State of the Art Manufacturing Partner

The production of Hirudin Tablet is the result of an international collaboration. The

hirudin powder is formulated in our Keyken Lab in China and then shipped in sealed

containers to Nutricap Labs in Albany New York. Nutricap Labs is one of the fastest

growing premier nutraceutical manufacturers in the country. After the hirudin powder is

vigorously tested and scrutinized by the regulatory Chinese government agencies responsible

for food safety , the material is then subject to further micro testing by Nutricap Labs for

unsafe and harmful content in accordance with applicable US rules and standards before

production starts. The hirudin tablet is finally manufactured, bottled and labled by Nutricap

Labs of Albany New York.

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