The Sources of Toxins-How Do they Make It into Our Blood?

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The source of blood toxins are around us every day. It’s impossible to escape them all. There are some things we can do to reduce toxins in our blood – improving our diets by removing junk food and alcohol is the first step. But our bodies can absorb toxins from things that are designed to help us too – like medications and even simple every day tap water. When our bodies are inundated with toxins from various sources, it overwhelms our body’s natural detoxification defenses.


Blood toxins can build up at a greater rate in our bodies if we are health compromised or just in poor health in general. To combat this toxicity in our bodies, it’s incredibly important to detoxify to help rejuvenate our circulatory system, organ function and overall health.


What we put into our bodies isn’t the only source of toxins in our world. Environmental toxins like polluted water, secondhand smoke, car exhaust, chemical and industrial air pollution, and chemicals in cosmetics and household products, and sometimes even in the soil under our feet. These toxins can be absorbed through our skin our inhaled and enter our blood stream through our lungs. While our body is designed to naturally remove these toxins from our system through sweat and other bodily excretions, it was never intended to remove the plethora of toxins we’re exposed to in our modern society. Cleansing these toxins from the blood can be instrumental in preventing cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, arthritic, cancer and other diseases.


The food we need to maintain our health and energy can sometimes be killing us slowly. Genetic alterations to some foods have changed their protective properties, reducing the vitamins and other beneficial substances necessary for our general health; they may still be safe, but no longer provide us with assistance in removing toxins from our bodies. Modern farming techniques have introduced pesticides and other chemicals, some unintentionally through the water used to irrigate crops. Even the ground our food is grown in can be polluted by the chemical, industrial and energy companies. Farmers are experts in food growing, not toxic site cleanup! We can’t depend on them to keep our food toxin free.


Our own bad habits add to the toxicity of our environment. If you’re a drinker or a smoker, those products are introducing ingested toxins into your system too. Unnecessary medications add to the damage we do to our own bodies voluntarily. These toxin sources include fast food, processed foods, refined sugars, sodas, and fatty foods. We voluntarily flood our system with a mind-boggling array of toxins.


Adding insult to injury, our own bodies produce some of the very toxins endangering our health. Viruses, bacteria and fungus can produce infections in our bodies which in turn produce and introduce additional toxins into our blood stream. Our high stress lifestyles can inhibit the body’s natural detoxification as well. Even the body’s own metabolism generates toxins that a healthy body would naturally clean from our systems. With the avalanche of toxins from the world around us, our bodies struggle on a daily basis to cleanse our blood.

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