What is Hirudin and What Does it Do?

What is Hirudin and What Does it Do?

The Hirudin table, Taking on the Sub-healthy
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What is Hirudin and Hirudin Tablet
Hirudin is a protein enzyme that is extracted from the salivary gland of the Medicinal Hirudius. Structurally Hirudin is made of 65 amino acids. Since 1853 Hirudin has been recognized by scientists and medical professionals alike as the most effective natural anticoagulant. Hirudin has been hailed as the promising molecule in the fight against cardiovascular and blood-related disease.

Our Hirudin Tablet is a natural supplement product scientifically formulated to help cleanse toxins from your blood system and designed to help keep blood flow naturally and unimpeded in your body. The Hirudin Tablet is manufactured from patented Hirudin Powder that has pure Hirudin extract formulated with other proven ingredients such as soy bean oligopeptide, hawthorn extract and sprirulina.

The working principle of the Hirudin Tablet is based on the 150 years of biological research on the Hirudin Molecule concerning its powers in promoting blood-thinning and healthy blood circulation. While its health benefits have been widely recognized, Hirudin-based blood cleanser is only made possible with our patented technology to extract natural Hirudin from the salivary gland of the Medicinal Hirudins.

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