Healthy Blood System

A Healthy Blood System is the Key to Good Health

Your Blood system is the key to your staying healthy. Maintaining a clean blood system is essential for a quality life and good health.

That is the theme in Keep Your Blood and Your Blood Vessels Cleaner by the renowned Abe Hiyuki—a veteran Japanese doctor and professor of medicine who taught and practiced at University of Pensylvania, Cleveland Clinic, Nippon University, Stanford University . Dr Hiyuki also served on the Japanese Council of Circulation Oragans and a well-known specialist in the field in Japan’s Society of Circulation Organs.

All the blood vessels in human body total 96,000 kilometers in length which is enough to wrap around the earth twice. An unclean or impure blood in your body easily damages the heart and brain. The blood vessels and heart form a closed ciculation system. The impurities and pollutants in the blood find their way into all blood cells, tissues and organs of the body as the blood circulates which are eventually damaging to the normal function of the heart and the brain
The impurities in blood come from the food we eat everyday. The hormones that are found in animal feed, the pesticides and chemicals found in crops and vegetables and the polluted air we breathe on a daily basis account for most of the toxic elements that find their way into our blood system. Over time these toxins accumulate and turn in to what is typically refered to as the “blood garbage”. If the “blood garbage” is not cleansed out regularly and timely the blood system will lose its fluidity and can not circulate efficiently and freely. Sub-healthy symptoms such as high blood viscosity, high blood sugar, hyper tension, high lipid ?) are directly caused by an unhealthy blood system. An unhealthy blood system induces myocardiac infarction, strokes and contributes to many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases that are directly caused by the clot-forming thrombin in the blood vessles. Blood System with ImpurtiesToday the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease has become the number 1 enemy to human health and the number 1 killer of human life. Medical researchers claim that more than 40% of the total deaths today are caused by cerebral thrombus and infarction, cardiovascular thrombus and infarction as well as stroke. Researchers also point out that there is some one dying of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease everyone minute and someone experiencing hemiplegia (?) every 22 seconds. While such disease can be fatal it can be detected early and prevented. Well before the blood vessles get paralyzed the blood that circulates in such vessles already get contaminated or polluted. The reason many people get suddenly struck with cardivascular or cerebrovascualr disease is that those with an unclean blood system are seemingly healthy. They are not sick enough yet for them to complain to their doctor. This state of clinically healthy yet with an unhealthy blood system is refered to as sub-healthy. In reality many people that seem healthy just did not recognize that they are actually sub-healthy. While Professor Abe Hiyuki as the formost authority in blood system is very compelling in his reasoning about blood health he did not provide us with any remedies or treatment for the sub-healthy populationA Natural Blood Cleanser For Optimal Health and Anti-Aging.

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