The Importance of A Healthy Blood System

When we have a healthy blood system, our vital organs perform their functions well, our circulatory system remains healthy and delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to the rest of our body, and we feel well. Blood is a wonderful substance, both delivering nutrients and transporting toxins away to the organs that take care of disposing of them. When our blood system is not operating at optimal efficiency, toxins build up, we don’t get the nutrients we need and our organs can be damaged – sometimes permanently.

Babies today have an increased risk of being born with autism. Studies have shown an increase in toxins in newborns, delivered to them through the mother’s placenta and possibly from the moment of conception from both parents. This toxicity is possibly being passed down from generation to generation. Taking steps to clean your blood system isn’t just important for your own immediate health, but also for the health of your children.


A scientific study in July 2005 by the Environmental Working Group ( found an alarming amount of toxins in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. It was previously thought fetuses were protected from dangerous toxins and chemicals that the mother was exposed to. This study shattered that myth. The toxins were identified as those responsible for a number of ailments from cancer, brain and nervous system problems to birth defects.


Our bodies receive an alarming amount of toxins daily. Detoxifying the blood is the only way to keep up with this onslaught against our vital organs. The toxins can affect not only the health of our circulatory systems, but can disrupt the normal function of some of the bodies cleansing organs like the kidneys and liver. When our organs aren’t performing well, we can develop symptoms of allergies, headaches, fatigue and other heath related problems.


Our blood is a vital part of our body’s health and immune system. The different proteins in our blood help seal off wounds, fight off viruses and bacteria, and transfer nutrients throughout our bodies. Ensuring the proper function of our blood improves the overall functioning of our bodies.


Our bodies do have natural ways of detoxifying the blood. However, sometimes the amount of toxins is so overwhelming that our body needs a helping hand. This is where blood cleansing comes in. When the blood is cleansed it can then do a better job of helping the organs in our bodies remove harmful impurities and toxins.


Without this natural detoxification process, these toxic elements in our blood can clog blood vessels, leading to increased fragility and inelasticity. With problems like this in the circulatory system, plaque buildup can lead to loss of blood viscosity and blockages – the medical result is strokes, myocardial infarctions, infarctions of the brain and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Doctors have typically found high levels of blood toxins in patients suffering from hypertension, high blood viscosity, hyperglycemia (abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood), and hyperlipidemia (excessive amounts of fat and fatty substances in the blood).


The overwhelming evidence is that we need to improve the health of our blood system, returning it to the vibrancy and optimal efficiency it had in our youth. When we were younger, our bodies flowed with blood of optimal color, viscosity and cleanliness. As time passes, the foods we eat, water and other things we drink, and the very air we breathe increases the buildup of toxins on our blood beyond the body’s natural ability to remove it. A regular blood cleansing regimen is the only way to reduce the disease risk posed by these toxins in our blood.

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